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Case and Area

Africa Business Partners is locally incorporated in Kenya, and has also abundant achievements in a lot of countries including Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. ABP can provide support to companies in about 40 countries on the African continent.

We will provide some specific examples we have provided to companies to date.
Please also refer to the page of Track Records listing the list of projects we have undertaken to date.

ABP's coverage

ABP can provide support in the about 40 countries shaded on the map.

Kenya and the East African Community

Kenya with several cities with strong purchasing power is developing distribution, retail, manufacturing, food stuffs, logistics, services, ICT, healthcare and various other industries. There are many opportunities, its an open country and has relatively low barriers to market entry. However, conversely, competition is tough and it is important for companies wishing to compete and succeed to have a tailored business model and sales strategy. ABP has a locally incorporated company in Kenya and employs Kenyan staff.

Reference article: Kenyan distribution is under rapid evolution - 'World supermarkets' change the East African Economic Zone


Ethiopia, though industry that can be invested and business models are limited for foreign investors, is expected significant potential by the scale of a population of close to 1 hundred million and improving in infrastructure. This is the time to gain first mover advantage. ABP currently supports more than five companies a year with our Ethiopian staff in the areas such as manufacturing and sales of industrial equipment / materials for manufacturing companies.

Reference article: Products of H&M, GE and even Samsung are "Made in Ethiopia" - The least developed country on market economy turns into a "world factory"


Market entry is not easy and competition is intense in Nigeria. ABP supports our clients in partnerships with local companies and back-up at each step of the business development process. ABP sources a lot of industry information in Nigeria. In addition of industry research, ABP’s Nigerian staff each week undertakes a survey of consumer goods and electrical products at open market and supermarkets to check the trend of demand and price.

Reference article: "Amazon in Nigeria" - African online retailing platform opened Has e-commerce finally taken off

Côte d'Ivoire

Business centre of French-speaking Africa, Côte d'Ivoire has in recent years witnessed a rapid return of investment targeting infrastructure, retail, ICT, manufacturing, agriculture and domestic demand is increasing, particularly in urban areas. ABP provides support to establish business and capture opportunities in Western African culture.

Reference article: The Fashion Belt on the African continent - A potential fashion industry based on the West African culture to spend a lot on clothes

South Africa

South Africa is the African continent’s most developed industrial base and accommodates many companies. It is suited to being considered as a source of business partners and acquisition targets. Because manufacturing is developing, sales of high value-added industrial goods produced by Japanese companies is possible. Also, due to infrastructure, logistics and the wide availability of business services, South Africa is suitably positioned to be the location of headquarters for African business operations.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is blessed with various resources and a large population. Against the huge potential, doing business in productive and efficient way is challenge. With ABP’s network, we make the best partnerships with local companies for our client and undertake support of operation.


Investment is continuing to return to Madagascar after a period of political instability. A country with a unique natural environment and geographical conditions, it has strengths in specific products and industrial fields. There exists opportunities for business models and business field different to other African markets.

Introduction of cases

Promoting manufacturing of garment in Ethiopia by a Japanese leading apparel retailer

Stripe International is one of the Japanese leading apparel retailers with its consolidated sales were JPY110 billion in FY2014 and 1357 stores worldwide. It is in a position following of Fast Retailing (the third largest apparel company in the world, known as UNIQLO brand). APB promoted starting production of garment by Stripe International in Ethiopia and achieved the continuous large quantity production by supporting of implementation of the technical improvement. It became the first case that knitted garments from Ethiopia were sold on the Japanese market.

Reference article: Made in Africa, sold around the world - Ethiopian T-shirts can be found in stores of a major Japanese brand

Rebuilding business model and operations in Nigeria

A Japanese company that sold consumer goods in Nigeria, were having trouble in relationship their distributor. ABP negotiated with the existing distributor and also introduced other options of a new distributor partnership to the client. ABP also searched a right Nigerian representative person for the client to implement an adequate sales and competitive strategy to rebuild the business.

Investment into food processing company in Senegal

Senegal is a producing and consuming country of rice. A Senegalese rice processing company was facing a challenge of cash flow caused by the gap of timing between purchasing rice from farmers in a certain season and selling the stocked rice in the market. ABP invested into the company to expand its financial capacity without generating opportunity loss in the growing economy.

List of Japanese Enterprises Doing Business with African Continent and Countries

Japanese companies' list doing business in Africa, edited by ABP[Detail]


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