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List of Japanese companies doing business in Africa (free download)

NEW!! 2019 edition has been uploaded now (November 25, 2019)

Africa Business Partners has published the valuable and only information source about Japanese companies doing business in Africa since 2013.

The list includes Japanese companies which established local companies in African, companies invested into or acquired African companies, companies which have partnership with African companies, companies which are exporting/importing with Africa, etc..

You can download the file below.

Ethiopia Tender Notice Information

Ethiopia, which has achieved a rapid growth of economy, has a lot of of demand for international tenders by the government as well as the private sector. The local private companies are obliged to procure goods and services through international tenders in case they value more than 100 million USD.

We pick up and send you the Ethiopian tender notice information weekly in English on raw materials, equipment, machinery, construction materials, auction of local companies etc. published in Ethiopia (sample). You can also set a particular industry or product accordingly your interests.

Please contact us for the detail of service at Contact us

List of Japanese Enterprises Doing Business with African Continent and Countries

Japanese companies' list doing business in Africa, edited by ABP[Detail]


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