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ABP starts delivering Ethiopia Tender Notice Information to companies who are interested in Ethiopian business

October 22, 2017

Category : Update

ABP started delivering of tender notice information in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Tender Notice Information by Africa Business Partners

Ethiopia, which has achieved a rapid growth of economy, has a lot of of demand for international tenders by the government as well as the private sector. The local private companies are obliged to procure goods and services through international tenders in case they value more than 100 million USD.

We pick up and send you the Ethiopian tender notice information weekly in English on raw materials, equipment, machinery, construction materials, auction of local companies etc. published in Ethiopia. You can also set a particular industry or product accordingly your interests.

The sample is here.

Please contact us for the detail of service at Contact us.

(The above photo is a signing ceremony of MoU between the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association and Africa Business Partners.)

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