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Africa and Japan: Basic Economic Data on African 54 Countries

September 18, 2016

Category : Useful Business Information

( Group photo of African and Japanese leaders at TICAD VI. Photo by Japanese Prime Minster's Administration)

This one PDF file was distributed to informing basic knowledge between Africa and Japan at the venue of TICAD VI, the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development through Africa Business Partners. ABP describes basic economic data on African 54 countries for Japanese business persons, the same data of Japan and map of Japanese main cities of trading and business for African business persons, and also trend of number of Japanese companies in Africa for each.

Target countries: 54 African countries and Japan

(1) Basic economic index of 54 countries on African continent
  • Population
  • GDP
  • GDP Growth
  • GDP per Capita

(2) Japanese main cities for trading and business with Africa

(3) Trend of number of Japanese companies in Africa (2005-2015)

File: Please see and download below.
(please click the arrow lower right to look larger and click the word "African and Japan" below to download it)

Africa and Japan from africabusinesspartners

List of Japanese Enterprises Doing Business with African Continent and Countries

Japanese companies' list doing business in Africa, edited by ABP[Detail]


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