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List of industrial zone in Ethiopia

May 6, 2017

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(Photo: A industrial zone completed construction in 2016 and started operation this year, located in a city named Hawassa, Ethiopia)

** The construction and operation status of 2019 has been updated.**
Click here to see "List of industrial zone in Ethiopia (Updated 2019)".

While African countries construct and promote industrial zone and EPZ, Ethiopian government is most active to move on the plan.

Stakeholders related in establishing industrial zones, Ministry of Industry (MoI), Ethiopia Investment Commission (EIC), Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) , including the top managements of each organization, are committed deeply on the process to move ahead the plan of industrial zones.

The first industrial zone in Ethiopia was completed in 2014, it is not so many years ago, the latest one was completed in 2016 and 19 industrial zones are currently under construction or planning in Ethiopia. 

Africa Business Partners summarized a list of total 22 industrial zones in Ethiopia in items of location, progress, organizer,  constructor, main industry and size, through interviews of the government and field research. 

Industrial zone in Ethiopia (as of February 2017)
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The industrial zone being watched most recently is Hawassa Industrial Park, completed in 2016 and started operation this year. It is established in Hawassa, located in almost 300km south from the capital city Addis Ababa, it is also one of the leading tourist sites in Ethiopia.
The construction was undertaken by China Civil Engineering Corporation (CCECC), which has completed railway construction between Ethiopia and Djibouti.

The Hawassa Industrial Park is nominated as an industrial zone specialized in garment industry. US apparel PVH, which has brands like Carvan Krain and Tommy Hilfiger, and the following companies have decided to enter into the industrial zone.

Tenancy companies in Hawassa Industrial Park (as of February 2017)
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