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Research Report: Survey on Life Situation Under Corona Lockdown In Kenya and Nigeria

April 24, 2020

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( Hand made masks being sold in Nairobi, photo by ABP)

How have Africans' lives being impacted, and how are they coping through the Corona crises? Africa Business Partners conducted a survey in Nigeria (Lagos) and Kenya (Nairobi) through its online survey system.

This survey was conducted in Kenya, one week after the Nairobi metropolitan area entered lockdown on April 6th. Respondents are Nairobi metro area residents who were subjected to the lockdown. In Nigeria, beginning April 13th, when a 2-week extension to the lockdown in effect since March 30th over Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun state was announced. Respondents are residents of the Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun states who were subjected to the lockdown.


1. The government's effort so far at tackling the Corona Virus infection has been effective in limiting the spread of infection.
2. The government's effort so far at addressing financial challenges for individuals/businesses has been satisfactory under this challenging circumstance.
3. Which of the following concerns do you have? Please select all you concerned.
4. How has the Corona Virus spread affected your household income?
5. What are you doing to avoid contracting the Corona Virus Infection? Please select all you are doing.
6. Have you started using/used more the following service after the Corona Virus caution? Please select all you started using/used more.
7. What do you think about the current circumstance with Corona Virus in the month of May?

1. Respondents seem to have a high level of confidence in the government's infection control measures.
Despite the inconvenience and the impact on personal and professional lives, 82% of Kenya's respondents and 68% of Nigeria's respondents are answered that the government's infection control measures are the one which can be agreed, indicating a relatively high level of satisfaction.

2. On the other hand, the majority are dissatisfied with the government's level of financial assistance. 
73% of respondents in Kenya and 76% of respondents in Nigeria consider the government support to be insufficient. 56% Lagosians responded that the measures are highly inadequate.

3. In Nigeria, respondents are more worried about the negative impacts on the country's economy than contracting the virus.
In contrast to Kenya, where contracting the virus was the top concern at over 70%, Lagosians are more worried about the negative impacts on the country's economy and public security (63%). 59% are also concerned over "lack of food, water, and electricity".

4. The negative impact to household income is larger in Nigeria (Lagos), where being conducted total lockdown. 18% of Nairobians and  31% of Lagosians reported that their entire household income has dropped to zero. 
In Kenya where is not banned of moving during daytime 18% of respondents answered has lost all of income source and 41% has lost more than half of income. The respondents in Nigeria are more serious which 31% of respondents has lost all of income source and 29% has lost more than half of income.

5. Both of Nairobians and Lagosians are following appropriate measures to avoid infection.
The percentage of washing hands more frequently and keeping social distance are high in both countries. Getting correct information and not to tricked by fake news are selected by 43% of respondents in Kenya and 55% in Nigeria.

6. Mobile money dominates in Kenya and online banking dominates in Nigeria. Consuming online content and online education is boosting in Nigeria.
The main measures of fintech in each country has been increasing. Using of online communication tools such as WhatsApp has increased in both countries. The high rate for TV and online show is one of the unique features in Nigeria where the top original source of contents in Africa such as dramas and Bollywood movies. The cultural emphasis on education shines through here as well, with 41% reporting a rise in online education in Nigeria.

7. The circumstance with Corona is believed to be resolved or be better by May.
Despite a lot of articles warns Corona crisis in Africa to be started from now, most of respondents keeps positive attitude for the situation. 37% of Nairobians answered it would be almost solved in May.

Survey on Life Situation Under Corona in Kenya (PDF)
Survey on Life Situation Under Corona in Nigeria (PDF)

Survey overview:
Methodology: Online survey of panels (members) via the Africa Business Partners survey system
Area: Nairobi Metropolitan (Kenya), Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun states (Nigeria)
Sample size: 103 ss (Kenya), 93 ss (Nigeria)
Period: April 12, 2020 - April 14, 2020 (Kenya), April 13, 2020 - April 14, 2020 (Nigeria)

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