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Africa Business Partners is the leading advisory firm specialized in supporting companies' business endeavors in Africa. From the initial phase of "What should we do in Africa?", to establishing operations, and to the phase of "how do we get satisfied profit among competition?" ABP provides the necessary support and back-up in Africa at each step of the business development process.

Industries: manufacturing, industrial goods, agriculture, consumer goods, distribution and retail, service industry, health care, ICT etc. We provide support in all areas of industry aside from natural resources, infrastructure projects and ODA projects.

Sourcing business partners and negotiation advisory

ABP sources business partners, targets of M&A, investors and investment destination, it also carries out due diligence and advises on negotiations. In an environment where correct operational and financial data doesn't exist, ABP goes to the site and checks transactions and stock, stores and supply chain. ABP does sourcing of excellent African companies through its network and knowledge on local business not only for strategic investors, but also for financial investors. Making business matching between African companies and Japanese companies/investors is also one of the strong advantages of ABP. ABP invests its own capital in African companies.

Business model development and Strategy formulation

Which business could be developed, in which African country/countries and to what scale with your company's products and strengths? ABP diverse needs and the competition is harsher than generally thought. There are definite patterns that exist to ensuring business success. ABP develops a business model which draws on your company's strengths, undertakes research and supports decision making.

Business matching and Sourcing partners

In African business, adequate partner is the most key success factor of business. ABP sources and proposes potential partners who are capable of achieving the outcomes your company requires for Japanese and other countries' companies and also African companies. We also undertake background research on companies and people.

Setting of supply chain and supporting for sales activity

To penetrate your product/services efficiently in un-organized market, strategic approach of setting distributor and supply chain and correct effort of sales activity are required. ABP can support your business by analyzing how best to build supply chain, how to run operations, by proposing solutions and using our resources to assist your sales achievements.

Issue identification, setting KPIs and monitoring

Many companies find that compared to what they envisage from their African operations, they are faced with situations where profits don't rise as quickly as planned, communication with distributors doesn't go as smoothly as anticipated or they find themselves in a stagnant situation they can't see a solution to. ABP breaks down the situation and undertakes objective analysis establishing the central challenges. ABP then makes improvements by setting KPIs, and monitoring.

Talent introduction, head hunting, HR systems and labor management support

Talent management is tend to be challenges in African company. The areas of recruitment and labor management often give rise to problems. To avoid the problems, ABP supports recruitment, head hunting, internship, developing HR management system. ABP also supports staff training on the job. ABP does graduate recruitment and intern matching service as its own business.

Other services

  • Support for setting of a local operations in each country (corporate registration, establishing corporate bank accounts, selecting offices, securing work permit, introduction of legal and accounting professional firm)
  • Support for production of advertising, PR, campaign activities, design, website production, music production through introducing of outsourcing companies
  • Support in presenting in trade fairs/expos/events held in Africa.

ABP's advantage to move your business forward

Network connecting African and Japan

ABP has a wide network with companies and governments in both Japan and Africa. ABP is proud of the network built by visiting about 200 companies a year which is our source of business matching. ABP has also published "List of Japanese Enterprises Doing Business with African Continent and Countries" since 2013.

Knowledge and Experience by field work with Business in Africa

ABP has knowledge of the industry and market environment in Africa. This is brought by field work experience in which we relentlessly go around the region visiting farms, factories and local markets. ABP also has project experience from over 20 projects a year.

The latest modern knowledge of business strategy and decision making

ABP has over 15 years' experience as business consultants in the competitive Japanese industry using modern strategies. ABP knows executing appropriate operation based on good organization and good decision making is necessary to develop and grow business. We understand what to do to move your business forward.

Passion to move business forward

ABP is concentrating on moving business forward, not on writing a beautiful but bored report. Even in the environment where there are a lot of challenges and unexpected difficulties, the reason ABP can move business forward is ABP's strong desire to move business and achieve a goal by supporting clients' operation on the ground.

List of Japanese Enterprises Doing Business with African Continent and Countries

Japanese companies' list doing business in Africa, edited by ABP[Detail]


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